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Kendra Barnett


A wellness coach is defined as, "a healthcare practitioner trained in behavior change theory, motivational strategies, and communication techniques, which are used to assist clients to develop intrinsic motivation and obtain skills to create sustainable change for their wellness goals."


My approach to coaching is:


Client centered

Let's clients identify their own goals for change

Facilitates a self discovery process

Helps clients be accountable

Content and healthcare knowledge


 I grew up in the South, and that meant, if you didn’t clean your  plate then you were in trouble! My family has been plagued with obesity,  heart disease, hypertension, and inflammation related diseases. As a  child I was a very picky eater and often times did not care to eat at all.  It was not until after having 2 children in my 30’s that I realized my weight gain was not going away despite trying every fad diet out there. You name it and I have tried it!  Hello metabolism!  I started to become a master at investigating everything health related. At the time I was a Registered Medical Assistant with a Bachelors Degree in Health Education.  I just like you, sought traditional medical advice from doctor after doctor with no answers for my weight or medical concerns. I was a fatigued, overweight Mom who was grasping at straws to make it through each day.  This is why I chose to study holistic medicine that includes getting to the root cause of health issues. I received my Master Health Coach certification to advance my own personal wellness journey.  It was then that I realized it is my passion to help educate, assist, and empower others facing the same obstacles to wellness.

As  your biggest supporter and coach I can help you achieve your weight loss goals! I will meet you where you are in your journey.  

Fast, Easy, & Effective Weight Loss IS possible! 

Education & Certifications

  • Bachelors in Health Education - The University of South Alabama

  • Master Certified Health Coach - Dr. Sears Wellness Institute

  • Board Certified Holistic Nutrition Coach - ANWCB

  • Functional Nutritional Coach - Functional Nutrition Lab

  • Functional Health Coach Certification - Institute for Functional Health 

  • Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certification- Precision Nutrition 

  • Registered Medical Assistant - Community College of Baton Rouge 

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